Per the new account setup request, here are the details of my pool:

30k gallons, plaster, chlorinated, Hayward DE 60sq ft filter, Rheem 406k heater, Hayward inline chlorinator, 1.5hp Hayward a Super Pump, 2 skimmers and dual drain plumbed in 2", 4 return line (2 2" / 2 1.5").

I'm not sure if it's okay to include a question, but here goes:

Most of my pool is plumbed in 2" pipe. However, the plumbing has to step down to 1.5" as that is what my pump is. In addition, the chlorinator has 1.5" fitting as well. The fittings on the chlorinator look to narrow further as the mold into the chlorinator canister.

My questions is do these two 1.5" bottlenecks completely defeat the 2" plumbing from s flow perspective? Any estimate on how much flow degredation would be greatly appreciated.

The pool has yet to run as it's currently being renovated. Previously I had 2" skimmer lines with on skimmer sharing plumbing with my main drain. The prior setup only had 2 return lines.

Thanks in advance!