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Thread: Surface skimmer frame set pool bracket mod

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    Lightbulb Surface skimmer frame set pool bracket mod

    After my skimmer bracket cracked I saw this tip on Amazon. You fill the bracket sides with Bondo for extra strength. The $6 Bondo is cheaper than buying $20 brackets, and will help you avoid skimmer downtime. I fixed the crack with epoxy, then did the bondo. It is stronger than ever!
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    -8200 gallon 20' x 4' (3.5' really) Intex Ultra Frame. Well water w/high alkalinity.
    -"A" filter cartridge, surface skimmer. I spray the A filter every 2 days when I check the chlorine. I only use bleach (3-6), muriatic acid (to knock down ph & alkalinity), and stabilizer (cya 50).

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