A nearby lightning strike fried some home electronics, including my Compool indoor control panel - nothin lit or displayed. The pool continues to operate on it's schedule, and I seem to be able to control everything from the outside power/service box.

I've tried the paper clip reset holes on both devices, and have shut off all power to the system for several minutes before turning back on, and checked the breakers on the service panel. Due to the storms, I have not yet had the opportunity to open the device panel to look for visible damage, but the inside controller does not show any signs / smells of something getting fried.

Any ideas on where to start? Maybe check for power on the controller's cable in the house, and if so what pins?

Maybe it's time to upgrade to the EasyTouch system, or should I go with something completely different - I like the looks of the Zodiac with smartphone support.

Any insight would be much appreciated.