Hello all,

Weíre just about ready to start our pool build and Iím looking for a little help with an automatic pool cleaner. So far, I have looked into three different cleaners. All have very good reviews on various boards on the internet, and I'm hoping someone here will have experience with any of them or maybe a recommendation for another.

Our builder is recommending the Pentair Kreepy Krauly 830, but the big drawback for me is the weight, 45lbs. Canít imagine trying to pull that out of the water with it being full. But, from what Iíve read, itís one of the best.

The second cleaner Iíve looked into would be the Maytronics Dolphin Supreme M5. Much better in weight, 21lbs, but Iím finding it a little more difficult to locate. It compares well to the Kreepy.

The third Iím considering is the Polaris Sport 9550. Wow. Cool looking , but reviews arenít as good as the other two. Lightest of the 3 but Iím not sure I want to worry about it ďturtlingĒ as Iíve read on a few reviews. ďTurtlingĒ meaning flipping over on itís back. But it looks really awesome.

Two flow about 4233 gph with the Polaris a few more gallons than the othersÖbut close enough to call it even. All claim to be able to climb and clean at the waterline and are tangle proof.

Any input would be welcome. If anyone has another recommendation, I would love that too. Weíre not putting a pressure side pump in to save on cost and energy, and Iím not really thrilled with suction side cleanser as weíve had one on a previous pool weíve owned many moons ago.

Thank you for any comments.