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Guess your SIL is a PITA...

Still fascinated by how a contractor could dump so much oil in your pool. What did he do--change some small engine's crankcase oil over your pool?????
So the contractors post soda blasting clean up is to wash the blasting dust off with pool water and then, to avoid water stains, he wipes the tile down with a mixture of mineral oil, water and I'm guessing a little surfactant like automatic dishwasher liquid or some such thing. It cleans off the dust and water and leaves a nice shine on the tile surface. Since you lower the water below the tile line, you then fill it back up when he's done. For my pool, that means ~100 linear feet of tile half submerged under the water line. All that mineral oil now floats off tile and to the water's surface. More than enough to leave a nice little slick.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not mad or anything. I half expected as much. I just wish I had been more prepared for it. I would rather have absorbed most of it as opposed to letting the skimmer catch it and send it on to the filter. Chlorine has a way of reacting with oils that can make them turn gooey. It's probably all imbedded in my DE now so a good long filter backwash is in order. Actually, I have to do my annual filter tear-down anyway and clean off the cartridges inside. So I'm glad this all happened now as opposed to the beginning of the season.