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Most infant and young childhood vaccines have removed thimerosal if produced after 2003 so if thimerosal is in fact the sole or largest cause of autism, then we should see a drastic drop in autism rates over the next 3-5 years (one-third in California and one-tenth is other states). If this is not seen, then it is likely that there were other sources of the increase in autism in addition to thimerosal. I sincerely hope that I am wrong about my assessment of thimerosal not being the primary cause since if it is, then far fewer children (and their parents) will have to deal with autism over the coming years.
Even though this is an old thread and my quote above is from a post from 2006, I want to update with the latest statistics from the CDC that still show growing rates of reported autism in spite of thimerosal (mercury) being removed from nearly all vaccines (the primary exception being multi-dose seasonal flu vaccines). Given the recent news reports about measles outbreaks and the decline in vaccination rates, I thought this update was relevant. As noted at WebMD, the continued rise in autism rates is a mystery but some clues point towards a combination of genetic susceptibility combined with some environmental factors including higher exposure to some pesticides.