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Thread: Filter delivers dirty de

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    Quote Originally Posted by FRANCIS View Post
    no, i did not get a new unit. especially after reading blowback is normal. the methods you describe take patience. i have a limited amount of patience. i need fast results. i will probably try the non-diatomite media this year - you know - the fiber stuff. if that fails, i will see if i can scrounge up a recycling valve [motorized].

    You might be happier with a cartridge filter - no DE or Fiber to recharge and you get slightly better particulate performance than a sand filter.

    Quote Originally Posted by JimK View Post
    Hmmm....I never noticed DE blowback with my Hayward Pro Grid 6020 DE filter (installed in 2004) even after a backwash/recharge.

    PS - After backwashing, per Hayward manual, I do run it with the multi port valve in the Rinse position before returning to the normal Filter position. Perhaps this is why I don't get any DE blowback in the pool?
    That could be it but I will say the effect is very hard to notice unless your looking right at the returns when you start the pump. It kind of looks like light-grey colored water coming out for a few seconds.

    I also think that this is a consequence of the Pentair QuadDE design as it is basically a quad cartridge filter that has modified cartridges that a capable of holding DE. It is not the old style finger-type or vane-type DE filter. It's actually a really nice design as it is super-easy to take apart and the cartridges are pretty robust. Also, if you get tired of DE, you can convert it easily to a cartridge filter.

    That being said, once you recharge the DE, it only takes a short period of time for the blowback to stop. At least that has been my experience it after three season.
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    Default Re: Filter delivers dirty de

    I overhauled the DE filter and found no tears etc. But I had three grid fingers with slight miudpoint weave damage which I wrapped shut with electrical tape a few years ago. So this time I decided to replace said fingers (3) and now I get no blowback. (at least not yet) There is no way so much dirty DE could have snuck under the tape. I am at a loss to explain this issue any further. Although there is one thing I learned in life, when you can't seem to figure out the problem with a mechanical device, overhauling it seems to do the trick.

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