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Thread: Vacuum - How?

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    Default Vacuum - How?

    As I mentioned in a different section (for another issue), I have dirt on the bottom of my pool which, I believe, is making my pool cloudy. A friend let me borrow a vacuum which consisted of a long hose, brush and pole. I thought I would attach one end of the hose to the intake, the other to the brush, along with the pole and away I would go. Unfortunately, the hose end does not match up with my filter. I am using the cartridge (A) filter that came with my Intex Ultra 18' x 48" pool.

    What I did for now (for better or worse) is put a clean filter cartridge in the filter, turned it on and kicked up the dirt using a nylon brush. The dirt seems to stick more to the wall and floor where the wall and floor meet. The dirt in the middle seems to be loose.

    Can someone point me in the right direction of what I could do / should do / should get? Thank you.


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    Default Re: Vacuum - How?

    The fittings on intex pools are not the same size as on a regular pool as you have discovered. If you have the "small" intex skimmer, then you can buy an intex branded adatper that is used to connect a regular vacuum hose. If not, you'll have to make or find some kind of special adapter.

    This guy used a $3 part from ace hardware to make such an adapter for this very purpose:

    Here's an adapter similar to what this guy is suggesting - except from amazon instead of ace hardware: http://www.amazon.com/Pool-Tools-80-...8ZXDH4SP7BH6K2
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    Default Re: Vacuum - How?

    Years ago, I improvised an adapter to use a standard 1.25" corrugated pool hose as a vacuum hose on an Intex Easy-Set with a 3/4" PVC double female fitting (3/4" ID, not OD). I jammed it into the hose and it was the perfect fit into the Intex drain. You can probably do something similar.

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