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Thread: New Pool Construction by Owner - Equipment help!

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    Default Re: New Pool Construction by Owner - Equipment help!

    I also have a suction-side model of The Pool Cleaner and am quite happy with it.

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    Default Re: New Pool Construction by Owner - Equipment help!


    @Lsanc: I'm going to hijack the thread here, a bit, but I think it's relevant to you as well, so I hope you won't mind. If you do, email me, and I'll spin this off in to a separate thread.

    @everybody else:

    I've never loved suction side cleaners for 3 main reasons:

    1. They usually hijack a skimmer, and at least in the East, that's a problem. Skimmers remove stuff that's still floating -- which is the BEST time to get it out of the pool. Cleaners remove stuff from the bottom, after the skimmer missed it. Using a suction side cleaner, at least in the Chattanooga area, tends to mean that all the thunderstorm debris that would otherwise go to the skimmer, instead ends up on the pool bottom.

    2. They don't sweep the pool. I've never seen mustard algae in a pool that was (a) chlorinated at all and (b) had a working Polaris 180 / 280. The sweep tail disturbs biofilm development on the entire pool bottom and on much of the sides. Not all pools have problems with mustard algae, but when it does occur it's a true PITA. We don't know yet why some pools are prone to it and others are not, and we don't have a really good way to deal with it. In my mind, eliminating mustard algae from the menu of pool problems is a VERY good thing.

    3. They don't circulate the water. Pressure cleaners represent a 2nd or 3rd pool return. When coupled with an inline feeder, an SWCG or skimmer tabs, using a cleaner means that EVERY part of the pool gets hit with chlorinated water at least one a day. Most pools have circulation issues and dead spots. When helping someone like Lsanc, I can't prevent those unless (a) I design the pool, (b) am onsite during plumbing & construction to enforce the design, and (c) service the pool periodically to make sure the eyeballs or other return devices haven't bee messed with to screw up circulation and create a dead spot. This isn't a big problem on round AG pools, but can be a huge problem on free-form concrete pools ESPECIALLY if they also have a textured finish (plaster!) with some rough spots (typical!).

    I hate the infloor cleaning systems because (a) they tend to break irreparably after a few years and (b) they are HUGE energy hogs. But they offer one major advantage: infloor returns. Properly designed infloor returns can allow a pool to go from cloudy to clean in 1/2 the time otherwise, because of improved mixing characteristics and because they sweep the pool bottom with chlorinated water. Using a pressure side cleaner offers 1/2 of the benefits of infloor returns AND sweeps the pool.

    Consequently, I've always viewed suction side cleaners as a 'better than nothing" option, for someone who's pool was already built.


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    Default Re: New Pool Construction by Owner - Equipment help!

    First, I wasn't suggesting that Lsanc go with a suction cleaner. ThePoolCleaner comes in both versions and they are actually based on similar designs. The pressure side just has the extras for propulsion. My only point was that ThePoolCleaner has had many fans and I think it to be a very good cleaner, suction or pressure.

    Next on to your comments

    1) I agree. But I have a separate suction port as well as two skimmers so this is not an issue with me. Also, I think most IG pools built today will have a separate cleaner port (pressure or suction) so I don't think this is relevant to new builds. But I also agree that even with a separate suction port, the suction in the skimmers is still reduced some because flow has to be redirected.

    2) If you are talking about the tail stirring up the debris, I wouldn't call it real sweeping. As far as I know, there is no brush involved and if you watch the tail, it hardly ever touches the pool surface. But I think this could actually be a downside for small debris that gets suspended in the water because then you are dependent on the pool filter to remove it which might take extra run time. If you really want a cleaner that truly sweeps the floor and walls, then a robotic is probably the best choice.

    3) I see your point on the return of chlorinated water but with a separate port, a suction cleaner most certainly adds circulation. It is returning water to the pump in addition to the other suction ports and it does it over the entire pool bottom. But not all pools have dedicated pressure side cleaner ports either and must rely on a return so from that perspective, it is no different.

    Overall, I think for most pools, between the two, a pressure side is the best choice so I don't disagree with that and who knows, I might go that route myself someday.

    But either way, given the cost of energy, especially in CA, I don't think there is a good enough reason to put in a cleaner with a booster pump. There are other options in pressure side cleaners.

    Also, I totally agree with you on in-floors.
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