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Thread: Cloudy water for about 10 days.

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    Default Cloudy water for about 10 days.

    I have a 21' X 43' oval AG, 30K gals. I have a Millennium cartridge filter system with a 2 speed Waterway pump. I use the BBB method.
    For the last 8-10 days I have had a problem with water clarity, starting with some slight green algae. After hitting it fairly heavy with bleach, the green algae was gone but the water stayed cloudy. I put in a little Algaeside and 3 more bleach and it remained cloudy. I also vacuumed and cleaned the filter. In the last few days I have put a total of 5 more bleach and turned off the pump at night to see if it would settle, but the cloudiness remains. It is not unsightly but everyone wants their pool to sparkle and we have several people coming over in 2 days to swim.
    I use the Taylor test kit and my readings this morning were: FC=7.5
    My CYA was 40 about 3 weeks ago and I have put about a pound of Stabilizer in 2 weeks ago, so it should be fine still.

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    Default Re: Cloudy water for about 10 days.

    When you cleaned the filter, Was it damaged in any way? Could water be bypassing the filter?
    Are you running the pump on high or low?
    What algecide did you use? A dose of polyquat 60% may help clump the dead algae to make it easier to filter.
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    Default Re: Cloudy water for about 10 days.

    The filter seemed fine when I cleaned it. I also changed the filter back to the one I used late last year. I try to rotate the filters some and buy a new one each year and throw away the older one. I run the pump on high about 95% of the time and have for 3 yrs. The Algaeside was just HTH, unfortunately all we have in our small town. I very seldom use any. I will try to purchase some Polyquat and keep for future problems. We had a large group of swimmers on Saturday and I hit it that evening with 3 more bleach. It seems to slowly be clearing up but still far from perfect!

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