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Thread: Battling Algae - AG Pool

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    Default Battling Algae - AG Pool

    I am posting for a friend who doesn't have access to the forum. Here are her test results:

    19000 gallon above ground Doughboy oval pool
    Sand filter
    CYA 151
    FC 5.5
    pH 7.7
    Total alkalinity 111
    Adj. Total Alkalinity 66

    I have converted her to the BBB method, but she is struggling with clearing the pool of algae. Last week her CYA was over 300, so she drained about 1/3 of the water and was able to get the CYA down to the measure above.

    Other than keeping her chlorine levels high, what do you recommend?

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    Default Re: Battling Algae - AG Pool

    She is going to have to keep really high chlorine levels to compensate for that high CYA reading! Those look like pool store testing numbers. She needs to be able to test the water herself. Pool store testing is not known for its accuracy.

    Encourage her to buy a K2006 kit and also read our chart that explains the relationship between CYA and chlorine.

    Unfortunately, we don't encourage someone posting for a friend. It doesn't usually work out so well. Perhaps you could let your friend use your computer to register on the forum and ask questions and learn to care for her pool herself.

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