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Thread: Hayward DE filter leaks

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    Default Hayward DE filter leaks

    I have a Hayward DE filter model EC-50C which has developed a leak between where the upper and lower filter housings are joined with the clamp Ass'y and spring.....I have the clamp plenty tight but there is still a small amount of leakage...Seeing the housing is plastic I don't want to break the plastic by over tighting the spring too much....Anybody ever have this problem and how did you correct this???

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    Default Re: Hayward DE filter leaks

    Check your o ring for wear. Also maybe some crud on the area where they come together. Disassemble clean the area well, check the o ring, if in good shape maybe lightly lube and reassemble

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    Default Re: Hayward DE filter leaks

    Quote Originally Posted by guman2
    the clamp Ass'y and spring
    My Pac Fab DE filter has this type of closure. If I don't get it lined up just right before tightening it all the way down, I get a leak. And I second the check for crud and condition of the O ring.

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