I live in the Sacramento Valley, CA and have a 1969 in ground plaster pool.
I had the surrounding concrete replaced and found that the conduit
from the pool light to the fuse box was black iron and badly corroded.
So, for the past 2 years I have had no light.
I don't trust the integrity of the current light, which may be the original, and water may have seeped in...
After the summer, I will drain the pool below the light and have it replaced along with cutting the
new concrete to allow new conduit/cable. However, with the drought here, it would be irresponsible
to waste that much water now and also have to add almost 100000 Gals.
Not to mention that my kids would have to wait at least another month for the temp to creep back up...
Anyhow: Can someone recommend a light in the meantime? Something that is plugged and can sit on the lip of the pool? Or even better, a commercial grade floater? All the floaters I have found are novelties..