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Thread: Amazon Purchases

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    Default Amazon Purchases

    If I go directly into my Amazon acct, and add stuff to my wishlist, then at a later date, go through the PoolForum link, to my Amazon acct and purchase my wishlist items, does the PoolForum still get it's part?
    Intex 15ftx4ft 4500 gal. Intex 2150 gph .75 hp 14" pump/sand filter combo. Taylor K-2006 kit. PF=27

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    Default Re: Amazon Purchases

    I've wondered that, myself.

    I'll put a note in my calendar to ask about it later. (Asking Amazon anything is a pain, and I don't have time till things slow down a bit.)

    Thanks for asking!

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    Default Re: Amazon Purchases


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    Default Re: Amazon Purchases

    On the other hand, I use Amazon Smiles for my purchases. I linked via this website to purchase the Taylor salt and K-2006 test kits but then signed into my Amazon Smiles account to finish paying (a charity gets a %). I thought the pool forum was the seller of the product itself.

    Let me know.

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