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Thread: RayPak 2100 finally will not ignite....

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    Default RayPak 2100 finally will not ignite....

    It's been a little touchy lately, but now when I turn on the heater, I just get a click at 5 seconds, and a faint smell of gas. My guess is that the igniter is not working. I don't remember if it should click frequently to ignite, but it isn't. When I turn it on, it says RP 22, then 5 seconds later it clicks, and says SPK 22.

    I'm thinking the RP is Raypak, and the SPK is spark, and maybe the 22 is a code?
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    Default Re: RayPak 2100 finally will not ignite....

    I have the same heater... Checked the manual and I didn't see any numerical error codes. Not sure what the "22" is. The manual does have troubleshooting info though. Might want to start there.
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