Have a 14K gallon in-ground pool that needs new equipment. Thinking of using Pentair CC200 or even the CCP320 (overkill but want to reduce filter maintenance) because of their approval of using DE to enhance filtration (even with Pentair's reduced warranty is a concern).

I don't want to risk the lower warranty for the pump though and I think I've narrowed down the filters to these two options:

- Hayward SP2300VSP Max-Flo VS
- Hayward SP2310x152 1.5HP 2-Speed (or SP2810x152 - not really sure the difference)

If getting the VS, I might get the PS3000 surge protector due to potential lighting strikes in my area. The pump (plus a salt water chlorine generator) will tie in to an intermatic pool panel.

Anyone have experience with these pumps?