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Thread: Rock waterfall gets my pool dirty

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoolDoc View Post
    I think you have that about right. When you pull Velcro apart, it places a LOT of local stress at the point where the Velcro is separated. Plus, you're going to have constant vibratory stress on the adhesive connection. I can't think of a non-mechanical attachment method that I would be willing to use if I had to warranty the work for a year.

    John, there are a lot of bad ways to do what you want. There are probably a few other good ways, besides the one I suggested. But you'll need to either find one of those good ways, or deal with the irritation that will result from using a bad way.

    But, a cheaper and easier good way of solving your problem hasn't occurred to me.
    Good luck
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Rock waterfall gets my pool dirty

    Perhaps a stiff / flexible material like a heavy fiberglass electricians snake with rubber tips of a length to bend into an arc between the concrete deck ends, under the water to the top of the step touching the pool wall as much as possible. Attach the mesh bag around the tension rod and around an arc of noodles on the pool side.
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