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Thread: Pool maintenance -- what about Aqua Finesse

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    Default Pool maintenance -- what about Aqua Finesse

    What is the most popular pool maintenance system available today? Salt system, aqua finesse , chemicals chlorine tabs, etc

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    Default Re: Pool maintenance

    In the pool market generally? I don't know.

    Among PoolForum member? Either a plain no-name chlorine of various types, or a SWCG system (Salt Water Chlorine Generation). We counsel against special 'program' chemicals like Aqua Finesse. Basically, in the pool industry, any chemical or treatment claiming to be "revolutionary" is almost certainly bogus.

    Aqua Finesse seems to be no different: they are selling what's basically a pool detergent which may (or may not -- there's no evidence I could find) help sanitizers break down the slime layers (biofilms) that are a precursor to a green pool. It's not a new tactic; Jock Hamilton's United Chemical is an OLD company that's used phosphate detergents blended in to their chemicals for just that reason. Aqua Finesse is apparently using non-phosphates. I guess that's good -- if you are going to do something that's mostly useless, it's always good to make sure it doesn't have damaging side-effects.

    Here are some snippets from their MSDS:

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    Default Re: Pool maintenance

    I can say this....the use of the aqua finesse pool care tablets this season has resulted in the most successful season I've had in years (in terms of not having problems with white water mold and pink slime). Being a biguanide user, as you all undoubtedly know both mold and slime can be significant problems. I also got new filter grids at the beginning of the season, and so how much of a factor that is in terms of the improved water quality is an unknown but undoubtedly is a huge element in the overall equation. Still, when I slacked off on the use of the tablets a month or so ago, the mold started to come back in a big way. Going back to a higher dose of tablets took care of it within days.

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