Hi all,

Installing a new salt water inground pool. Going with Hayward products per our installer. Trying to decide on the SWG system.

Any thoughts/advice on installing the PS-4 system vs. keeping it simple and just going with the Aqua Rite cell and handling timing manually, or with a different system?

I grew up with a pool and recently had a salt water pool at an older home before I moved. Had a Zodiac DuoClear which I hated. Overcomplicated POS. Nature cell, etc. Utterly over-engineered IMO.

So part of me wants to keep things simple and just use the cell.

The appeal of the PS-4 is that I'm building a large garage for the pool equipment and I can run a few circuits off the PS-4 for the garage, without needing a separate sub-panel. So it's a cleaner install and I like the automation aspects and wifi linkage, remote programming, etc.

I have also read that the Hayward Pro Logic units can have issues with the circuit board, in particular a certain K1 relay can overheat and cause failure. Some have replaced it by soldering in a new one but I'm really not looking for that kind of hassle.

So...do I go new school and get the fancy-schmancy PS-4 and have fun turning on my pool lights from my iPhone or do I go old school and just buy a cell and put an analog dial timer on it?

My previously mentioned pool was set up by the home owner, a hydro engineer. He had an automated solar heating system and the entire pool setup was on old analog timers and controllers. It worked flawlessly.

I am thinking the PS-4 is going to be trouble in 3-4 years and I'll be cursing it...

Thanks in advance.