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Thread: Salt chlorine system with ozonator?

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    Smile Salt chlorine system with ozonator?

    Hi All, I realize it's an age old debate….but I'm losing sleep over what to do. I am putting in a rectangular gunite, blue stone coping 13x38 with built-in spa. It will have a built in retractable cover. I have 3 dogs who will be using the pool, and I'm concerned about the 'feel' and clarity of the water. Should I splurge for an ozonator to go with the chlorine system? Should I be doing salt? But I'm worried about corrosion. HELP ME!

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    Default Re: Chlorine System with Ozonator?

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    Regarding ozone, etc:

    1. Ozone is virtually useless on a residential outdoor swimming pool. Ozone is far more toxic than chlorine gas, so ozone system manufacturers make their units safe by building them to produce so little ozone that do virtually nothing. That's actually a good thing, since ozone is a dechlorinating agent! There are some unusual situations where a high output corona discharge ozone system can be (a) safe and (b) useful . . . but this doesn't apply to residential outdoor pools.

    2. Salt water chlorine generator (SWCG) systems are convenient, but they don't save money -- compared to following the BBB system by hand -- and they do increase corrosion. They can be VERY helpful to pool owners who are frequently away from their home, or who have a hard time being consistent in their daily pool care. The corrosion issues can be avoided; see this thread: http://www.poolforum.com/pf2/showthr...-other-options

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