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Thread: Control panel not working

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    Default Control panel not working

    I thought about posting in the Electronics section but this doesn't seem all that... electronicky.

    Anyway, I can no longer turn the pump off using the control panel (or the remote but that IS electronic and isn't likely the root issue). I have to actually switch the circuit breakers to turn it off. I can turn the other equipment (blowers, lights, etc.) on and off with the outside panel, but when I put it into service mode or manual mode the pump just refuses to shut down.

    So it seems to me it's most likely a solenoid problem, right? That somehow inside of that panel the switch there doesn't work anymore? I haven't opened the panel up but I thought I'd come here first and see if this is something that might be in my ability to repair or if I just need to call in a pool tech.

    The panel is made by Jandy and I have images if that helps but, as I said, haven't removed the actual cover to look at the things inside of it (and I can if you need more info but right now my triage is just to see if this is something I should even be THINKING about repairing, or if I'm already in over my head -- I can handle things like replacing a pump or valve, but I'm not going to spend hours trying to solder or fix things that really require technicians to properly repair).

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    Default Re: Control panel not working

    It sounds like you've already figured this out but it can't hurt to say it. When it come to pool electrical, if you're not sure you can do it yourself, hire a pro.
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