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Thread: Hot Tub Question

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    Default Hot Tub Question

    I have a hot tub and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My pump goes on for about 3 hours at a time and I am not sure how to turn this down. My electrical bill last month was 213.00. Can anyone help me with this? I dont remember the pump going on for this long last month and my electrical bill was very low.
    Thank you for all your help

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    Default Re: Hot Tub Question

    If your pump goes on for 3 hours a day, that's not the source of your bill. But if it's off for 1 hour, then on for 3, it could be. There's a timer somewhere on the system. Check with the manufacturer or your owner's manual for where that timer is.

    I'm not knowledgeable about hot tubs.

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    Default Re: Hot Tub Question

    I was on vacation a few months ago and the cabin we stayed at had a standalone hot tub. That tub had a thermal sensor and would turn the pump and heater on whenever the water temperature got below the preset level. It's possible you've got a similar system, Timmie.

    Make sure your cover is on the tub securely, consider reducing the temperature it's set to when not in use quite a bit.

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