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Thread: Storing bleach outside; decomposition of bleach

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    Default Storing bleach outside; decomposition of bleach

    Hi gang.

    Sorry if this has been covered. I couldn't find it anywhere...

    I closed my pool for the winter. I have a few cases of bleach left over, and I would like to store them in my outdoor pool storage box. I live in western NY, where extreme cold winter temps are normal.

    1) Does bleach expand when it freezes? In other words, is there a risk that the containers bursting if they get cold enough?

    2) How quickly does bleach degrade? Should I try to return them to the store, or is it okay to keep them around till next season?

    Hoping to hear from someone who has experience with this, if possible. Thanks a bunch.

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    Default Re: Storing bleach outside; decomposition of bleach

    Bleach and chlorinating liquid will last a lot longer at colder temperatures. See the table at the bottom of this page for a table of half-life vs. concentration and temperature. As for freezing, because of the salt and hypochlorite ions the freezing point for 12% chlorinating liquid is around 5F while for 6% bleach it is 19F so if you are expecting colder temperatures you should be concerned about the contents freezing and bursting the bottles. It won't expand until it freezes.
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