In need of help! I left my intex pool up through the winter. The water was green, not as bad as I thought would be I've seen worse. I filled it, then I shocked it with Aqua Chem Shock Plus 400g. and vacuumed. It took out most of the green algae, however the water is cloudy with a hint of green. I did a water test I used the Aquarius Pool & Spa, these were the readings. FC= .50; TA= 180; pH= 8.4,TH= 250 I also used the OTO test kit bought at Canadian Tire (not sure of the brand name). My PH is very high @ 8.4 and FC was 0. I then added windsor salt, it's at 3500ppm, ran the pump and SWG, did the test the next morning and took another test using the OTO, the FC is now @ 1.5 the pH remains at 8.4, the test strip is telling me the TA is 180 I added a 1/2 cup of pH minus. Waited a couple of hours, tested again with the OTO, nothing has changed. What should I do to bring down the pH and Total Alkalinity?