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Thread: Pet safety fence

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    Cool Pet safety fence

    Just bought my house with an IG and need to fence it so my baby, Miss Emmy Lou, doesn't jump in and drown. She's an English Bulldog and they DO NOT swim so I have to be very cautious. Any recommendations on type, vendor, and you're experience is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Pet safety fence

    We bought a house in Florida a couple years ago with an IG pool. We were under the impression that they are mandated by law in all pools in the state. I guess it depends on how good the local enforcement is. Anyway look around for child or baby barrier fences. Welcome to the Sunshine State (except June - Sept.).

    We don't use ours because there's no babies here. We made our little dogs learn how to get to the steps and get themselves out. They have all landed in the pool several times while chasing a squirrel or a gecko.
    In-ground gunite 16 x 30 13,000 gal. Full screen enclosure. 120 sq ft. Filter cartridge, 1-1/2 HP pump. Master Pools In-floor cleaner. Taylor K-2006.

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