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Thread: Foamy chemical floating on surface...

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    Default Foamy chemical floating on surface...


    Yesterday, we tried adding Leslie's sand filter revitalizer - http://www.lesliespool.com/Home/Filt...ies/14400.html - through our skimmer to clean out our filter.

    I guess we poured it in too fast, and some of it wasn't backwashed - it came back out through the circulation system.

    This morning, the whole pool is covered with a foamy, oily sheen. The bottle says to wash skin for 15 minutes if it comes into contact with it, so I guess no swimming for awhile.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to remove something like this that's just floating on the surface and doesn't get filtered out by the pump?


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    Default Re: Foamy chemical floating on surface...

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    It's been a few days; hopefully it's gone now. Solar UV + chlorine will clean up a bunch of things.

    If it's NOT gone, I'd call Leslie's. I did find the MSDS . . . and the ingredients are NOT something I'd want in the pool:

    Citric Acid - 77-92-9
    Etidronic acid - 2809-21-4
    Butoxyethanol - 111-76-2
    Poly(Oxy-1,2-ethanediyl),.alpa.-(nonphenyl) - 9016-45-9

    + Citric acid reacts badly with chlorine and is a problem on indoor pools. It should be OK on an outdoor pool after a few days.
    + Etidronic acid is just HEDP, a metal sequestrant. It's not a problem.
    + Butoxyethanol is a apparently an unregulated carcinogen (Wikipedia). If the Wiki article is accurate, you do NOT want to swim in that stuff.
    + Poly, etc is a apparently an "ethoxylate" that's not too bad for people, but is not so good for fish. Makes me wonder about them putting in a filter cleaner that's going to be backwashed into ditches, etc. Maybe that particular product is not so toxic to aquatic life. Or, maybe there's very little present -- the MSDS didn't have percentage values.
    Sorry it took so long to respond; good luck!

    MSDS & Wiki article in thread archive @ 21298

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