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Thread: help 10x30 intex pool green

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    Default help 10x30 intex pool green

    ok I have a 10x30 pool with factory pump. I run filter 24 7 but the other day lost power and forgot that it kicks the safety in cord so no filter for 24 hrs. When I remembered my water was already green. Had a chlorine floaty but no circulation. I reset filter changed cartridge vacuumed and have now put half a bag of shock and swim in work filter still running. But still green. Please help with this what other chemicals and how much.also what levels should I be at. I'm confused and need help understanding all this.thank you

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    Default Re: help 10x30 index pool green

    Katrina, sorry you didn't get a reply sooner. We have had so many new registrations that we got behind on getting them all taken care of but hopefully we are about caught up!

    Since your question is over a week old, I'm sure things have changed a great deal since then. If you still need help, can you give us an update and someone here will try and advise you? We will need some current water testing results taken with a drops-based kit (no test strips) and also a list of exactly what all you have added to the pool --- meaning actual ingredients and not just product names.

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    Default Re: help 10x30 index pool green

    membership upgraded.

    By far the easiest way to fix a small Intex pool is to drain it, and the refill using the
    Super Simple Recipe (click the link) for small pools.

    Also, the OEM filter cartridges have very limited capability, so this info is relevant:
    + The OEM cartridges in Intex / Summer Escapes / etc. filters are not high quality. The Intex manuals recommend replacing them completely every 2 weeks. A BETTER option is to replace them permanently with 2 - 3 Unicel or Filbur cartridges, and rotating them through a cleaning solution. Properly maintained, these cartridges should last all season AND filter better. So even if they cost more per cartridge, they cost less per season! Learn to maintain them, by reading this post, Cleaning-your-Cartridge-Filter-wiithout-Damaging-It!

    But, purchasing them is tricky. Amazon does not consistently stock them, and some of the 3rd party sellers are charging high prices and/or high shipping. So, check the Amazon link, but watch out for the prices and shipping costs.

    It would be nice if you could just buy them elsewhere, but many of the online pool stores are listing Pleatco or other Asian made low quality filters, as "Unicel C-4607 type" or "fits Unicel C-4607". So shop carefully!

    Here are the Amazon links:

    Unicel cartridges: @ Amazon
    Unicel C-4607 Replacement Filter Cartridge (Intex A or C)
    Unicel C-5315 Replacement Filter Cartridge (Intex B Filter
    Unicel C-3302 Replacement Filter Cartridge (Intex E)
    Filbur cartridges: @ Amazon
    Filbur FC-3710 Antimicrobial Replacement Filter Cartridge (Intex A or C)
    Filbur FC-3752 Antimicrobial Replacement Filter Cartridge (Intex B)
    Filbur FC-3751 Antimicrobial Replacement Filter Cartridge (Intex E)

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