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Thread: Vacuum the pool using the Intex A filter pump.

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    Default Vacuum the pool using the Intex A filter pump.

    I have been using my shop vac to try to keep the bottom of the pool clean from the dirt and crud that settles into the nooks,seams, and crannies on the bottom. But I spend more time and effort emptying the shop vac than cleaning the pool. I have hesitated purchasing a pool vacuum for it because I have plans to get a larger pool next year and I wasn't sure what I would have to be vacuuming that future pool with. So I thought why can't I modify my Intex pool filter to vacuum the pool. The pool came with 3 black plastic plugs and I am using 2 of the plugs on the inlet and outlet when I clean or change the cartridge filter so I cut the extra 3rd plug carefully with a razor knife. The open end of the plug fits perfectly into my 1 1/4" length of shop vac hose. I put the shop vac hose into the pool and submerge it so there is no air in it then connect the plug end onto the inlet fitting. Keeping the wand end submerged all the time it worked like a charm sucking up the dirt. Then I put a new filter cartridge in and hosed off the dirty one.

    Pain in the butt shop vac setup:

    The extra black plastic plug:

    Carefully cut the end off the plug:

    The cut plug stuck on the inlet fitting:

    The cut plug stuck in the shop vac hose:

    The hose ready for use:

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