So here is my pool set up. 20 x 40 rectangular pool, with vinyl liner. It is 3.5/4' shallow end (can't remember) and an 8' deep end. The deep end as a 2" safety lip around the sides. There is no bottom filter, only a skimmer basket, and 1 other intake port with a safety cap screwed in that allows for flow, but no little fingers to get caught. It is 33K gallons and Chlorine pool with a DE filter.

That said, I don't think the secondary intake is a dedicated suction line (although I guess it could be because I can control the flow from both via gate valves. These are the 2 I am looking at to use with skimmer suction:

Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL
4 Wheel "The Pool Cleaner"

Anybody have any input/suggestions or experience with either of these. I have read that a lot of people have the Polaris, but I don't think that is for me...