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Thread: should I drain some water out?

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    Unhappy should I drain some water out?

    Here are my readings straight from pool store, after I added 2 gallons of liquid shock this morning because the pool looked green. he told me I shouldn't have shocked it, that the rain makes it green : ( and I should drain it 2 feet and refill to get the TDS lower ?? I haven't done anything yet.It looks a bit better. We just opened it a few days ago and its not crystal clear yet. last weekend I put polyquat 60 and 4 gallons of shock and it cleared but had a bluish haze and dead algae floating.then it stormed last night...
    FC 5
    CC 5
    Ph 7.4
    Alk 60
    Cya 25
    calcium 70
    TDS 1400
    Phos 1500

    I have my own kit but I went there this morning to get refills for it. should I drain some water out? does it need more bleach?
    16x32' rectangle 19K gal IG vinyl pool; bbb; jacuzzi sand filter; jacuzzi pump; 8hrs; Taylor 2000; utility water; summer: none; winter: vinyl / water bags; ; PF:6.3

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    Default Re: should I drain some water out?

    Your sig says Taylor 2000 is that K-2006 or K-2005? Different kits.
    "The rain makes it green" - This is proof that you shouldn't listen to the poolstore guy. About anything. Rain makes pools green only because pool owners stop adding chlorine when it rains.
    I wouldn't worry about TDS.

    Given the fact that the pool was recently green, I think you should:
    Bring the FC above the minimum shock level (I think 15 for this pool) on Ben's Best Guess Chart and don't let it drop below. Test and add bleach / LC to restore shock level at least twice a day.
    Run the filter 24/7 - cleaning as needed (when sand filter pressure rises 6-10 psi).
    Brush the walls and floor of the pool daily.
    Continue this regimen until one day after:
    The pool loses less that 1 ppm FC between sunset and sunrise
    And there is nearly zero CC (less than one drop)
    And the pool is clear.
    Wear old suits to swim while following this shock procedure - they may be damaged.
    12'x24' oval 7.7K gal AG vinyl pool; ; Hayward S270T sand filter; Hayward EcoStar SP3400VSP pump; hrs; K-2006; PF:16

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