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Thread: chlorine to salt water pool good idea?

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    Default chlorine to salt water pool good idea?

    Hi pool forum, i have a fifty year old 70,000 litre concrete in-ground (painted many times with epoxy paint) swimming pool that the wife and kids want me to switch over to a salt water system next season. i only have one outlet running on a 3/4 hp pump. i keep the pool at 87 degrees Fahrenheit on average. Is is a good idea, what are the possible problems. mike toronto ontairo.

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    Default Re: chlorine to salt water pool good idea?

    Shouldn't be anything special to do unless you have a heater or other exposed metal in or around the pool that might corrode. If you have a heater with a regular copper heat exchanger for example it could cause corrosion and premature failure. Other than that a salt water pool IS a chlorine pool plus salt and a device that you plumb into one of the pipes. The generator creates chlorine out of the salt. If you end up having to shock (for example a bad storm or someone has an "accident" in the pool) you still dump regular chlorine in to do it. You'll have to keep salt at a particular level depending on what swcg you buy and you'll likely end up adding acid on a regular basis as pH rise is a swcg "side effect" due to the aeration from the bubbles they create.

    I have a swcg and I love it, it doesn't really save me any money but it makes pool maintenance easier; and is a great boon if you go out of town for a week or something. The first thing I would do, though is evaluate weather you have any metals that might be a problem.

    One other thing to mention. When you do buy a unit, they are rated for xx gallons (or liters). Get the biggest non commercial model for whatever brand you find. I use an aqua-rite that's rated for 40,000 gallons (150,000 liters) on a 12,000 gallon (45,000 liter) pool. The larger size means you'll be able to reduce the run time (they have variable outputs) and in turn means the cell will last longer before it has to be replaced.
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