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Thread: Would you want this in your pool?

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    Default Would you want this in your pool?

    Didn't know where else to put this that would be appropriate, so here it goes......

    Looking on amazon for a solar cover for my pool, I came across this aquapill.

    Makes me wonder just what it is anyone that actually USED this would be doing to their pool chemistry. No clue what is in the "pill".

    I know from what I've almost learned here, that it would be something I may not want messing with my already poor chemistry.

    Anyone know what these are made of or how they work?
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    Default Re: Would you want this in your pool?

    They contain the HeatSavr liquid. In theory they can keep you from losing a few degrees heat by overnight evaporation (but not as much as a blanket can). In realty they just don't work in most pools since any disturbance of the surface (from a breeze for example) tends to negate anything they do.
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