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    Cool Water Tech Blaster Pool Max Reviewed

    But seriously... I actually enjoy the process of vacuuming my pool (yes, I'm weird), and I think this comes partially from having a little bit of OCD when it comes to crystal clear water. However, the act of getting the hose out, submerging it, and hooking it all up is a bit of a chore. Add to that the fact that I usually have to clean out my big filter once a month due to my pool-noob move about 6 months ago which saw me lay sod and plants next to the pool - every time there's the slightest breath of wind, I get dirt, grass, and leaves in the pool. Yes, it will be going soon, and replaced with evergreen trees and astro-turf!

    Anyway, I digress... I happened to receive one of those gadget-mailings, which my wife flicked through and came across something interesting. A vacuum for the pool. 'So what,' I hear you say, but this is a vacuum like you'd use in your living room, except for pools. You don't plug it into anything; it simply collects everything in its own 'bag'. I was skeptical, but went on to Amazon to see what the reviews were like, and there were about 3 different types, all of which had a minimum of 4-out-of-5 stars in the reviews. One had pretty much 5 stars across the board, and was only $150... I decided to give it a shot (I'm not going to mention the name in case anybody thinks I'm trying to sell my own product or something, but they're easy to find - search for 'hoseless vacuum').

    One of the marketing Unique Selling Points was that it allows the lady of the house to effortlessly clean the pool when the man of the house isn't there. Now, this is a staggeringly sexist thing to state, but I must confess that there is some truth to it. When I'm away for a few days on business, I get home and the pool is filthy. It's not that my wife can't hook up the hose and vacuum it, it's just that there are more pressing things to be doing, such as looking after the kids, and so on. It's a sexist statement, but the truth of the matter is, vacuuming the pool is a time-consuming thing to do if there is only one of you home. This gadget promised to solve that problem.

    And did it?

    It arrived while I was, ironically enough, away on business. I arrived home to a pool that was utterly spotless for the first time ever. The device is lightweight, and has excellent suction. Because there's no faff involved with getting the hose out, it takes literally minutes to shove it on the end of your existing pool pole and suck up any bits of stuff that have sunk to the bottom. It's excellent, and I don't care which make or model you get, I highly recommend getting one. It also means I don't have to clean my big filter so often.

    It also has a handle on the top of it so you can swim to the bottom of your pool and use it as a hand-vac, which is great if you're in the pool and spot a patch of dirt you missed! A full charge will give you an hour of vacuum time, which is a lot.

    One of the best purchases I've made for the pool.
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