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Thread: Does this look good.

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    Default Does this look good.

    Ok after a big problem with high cya and algae I think I am back under control.
    Its gets frustrating and really appreciate all the help and patience I got here.

    Week ago I had finally got rid of the green water and its just a little cloudy.

    Now with the K-2006 kit I have this with vinyl liner pool..

    Free available chlorine = 3.5
    Combined Chlorine= 0
    PH = 7.4
    Total A = 70
    Calcuium Hardness = 70
    CYA = 50

    Should I do anything otherthan keep filter running and raise chlorine up to between 4 6 according to the cya chart.


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    Default Re: Does this look good.

    You're numbers look good to me. You're right about the FC - you don't really ever want to be lower than where you are now.
    Filter 24/7 - cleaning filter as necessary.
    One question: When you were fighting the algae did you keep the FC at shock level until passing the overnight test ( no more than 1 ppm FC loss from sundown to dawn with no more than 0.5 ppm CC)?

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    Default Re: Does this look good.

    No did not have a good test kit.
    Used the dilution method at the time and pool store.
    Did have FC up to about 14 and seemed to stay there for about 4 days after water turned from green to white.
    Then I drained a little. Just about 20% to get it to lower.
    Then about 5 days later with lot of rain its where it is now.

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