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Thread: Need advice on skimmers

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    Default Need advice on skimmers

    I have a gazillion little bitty flying ants that end up in the pool. They are so small that they could be little flecks of wood. I can spend a whole day skimming them out and they'd still be there. Happens a lot.

    The pool has a screen all the way around, but the bug guy said the screen holes need to be smaller, which I will do when I replace the screens.

    I want a good skimmer. The two I got at Walmart are fine, but require constant rinsing.

    Anyone recommend a good skimmer and where to get it?

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    Default Re: Need advice on skimmers

    By skimmer, do you mean net--something that goes on the end of your pole to scoop stuff out with, or do you actually mean a skimmer that is where the water enters the piping to go to the pump?

    Welcome to the forum, by the way!

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