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Thread: Automatic cleaner without booster

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    Default Automatic cleaner without booster

    I need a new automatic cleaner but do not have a booster. I have a baracuda which I hate. It goes in the same area all the time and the leaf canister always breaks.

    Any suggestions on a good auto cleaner, not requiring a booster pump that does well in an area where there are oak leaves, seeds and some sand.

    Thanks in advance for your replies!

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    Default Re: Automatic cleaner without booster

    Do you want a suction-side cleaner or pressure-side? If you have a dedicated line you can have either with what are generally minor modifications at the equipment.

    I like the suction cleaner you can find at the following site: http://www.thepoolcleaner.com/4xpoolcleaner.html They don't seem to get stuck anywhere in a pool.

    It is well made, works well, and I have have had zero complaints on any I have installed. If you decide you want a non-booster pressure-side cleaner like the Polaris 360, I like to install them with a Jandy "Energy Kit" right after the existing filter pump. Or, you can go with a booster-pump operated cleaner like the Polaris 280. You will need the cleaner, a booster pump and new time clock.

    No cleaner will work properly without good water flow. Make sure that is not an issue. Also, cleaners like the Barracuda and Kreepy follow the hose around the pool. Sometimes a return line is strong enough to push the hose into one area and the head of the unit can't get out. You maight try redirecting a return line that might be pushing the hose to one area. If your do not have directional "eyeballs" in your returns, there are diverters that both Kreepy and Barracuda make that can be inserted into the line to change its direction. For these to work you must have returns that are not at an angle to the pool wall. If you are happy with the cleaner you have except for this issue, its worth a little effort to make it work properly.

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    Default Re: Automatic cleaner without booster

    I went to this web site. Sent an email, got a call.
    They were going to have a local rep call me and they gave me the name and phone number in case I did not get a call. Waited one week- no call.
    Called the number several times- only get a message that tells me to leave a message- then it tells me user is not subsrcibed to the service.
    Went back to web site- called. They said they would get back to me in 24 hours. Have not heard anything.

    Now I am not sure I want one?

    Anyone had any luck with them?

    PoolMan1- any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Automatic cleaner without booster

    Check out the Polaris 360 and the Letro Legned II (Pentair). Both excellent pressure side cleaners that do not require a booster pump. The pressure side cleaner in the link above lacks a very important feature in pressure side cleaners....a whip tail. Both the polaris and the letro have one (as does every other pressure side cleaner I have ever seen!) Pressure side cleaners ususally do better when there are a lot of leaves than suction side.
    Retired pool store and commercial pool maintenance guy.

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