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Thread: Green pool still..after adding lots of shock

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    Default Green pool still..after adding lots of shock

    We did not cover our 28' above ground pool last Winter. (I KNOW BIG BOO BOO)

    Needless to say it was filthy, leaves, green beyond belief. WE drained most of water then added fresh. Treated w shock, nice blue color but super cloudy. Lots of vacuuming, backwashing and still blue but cloudy....last week almost overnight turned green. Added 6 packs of super shock pool STILL GREEN test strip/kit says;
    free chlorine 0/0
    ph off the charts high past the 8.4 range which is max
    alkalinity 40
    hardness 200 which seems good?
    cya 30-50
    HELP what is my next step?

    I am single mom and don't have a clue what I Am doing lol- I heard regular home bleach might help I cannot afford all these chemicals for such a big pool... thanks for any insight

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    Default Re: Green pool still..after adding lots of shock

    Yes, you can just use plain, unscented bleach as your source of chlorine. Most of us use generic Walmart bleach.

    We don't trust test strips to give accurate results though. We think that everyone needs a good test kit. The one we recommend is the Taylor K-2006 or 2006C which you can get through the test kit link in my signature below. Try and order it early in the morning while the seller listed is Amato Industries. Sometimes they sell out during the day, but usually restock overnight. Some other sellers don't sell it for as good of a price.

    Since the kit is only sold online, you need something to use until you get it. Get a cheap OTO (yellow drops) / phenol test kit, or if available at YOUR Walmart (check availability), get the HTH 6-way DROPS test kit, which is compatible with the Taylor K2006. Test the pool as soon and you can, and post the results. If you get the 6-way kit, ALSO test the water you FILL the pool with, especially if it's a well, and post THOSE results as well. (The HTH is the best available kit you're likely to find locally, but it's not the K-2006. It can only provide rough measurements chlorine levels above 5 ppm, and it measures "TOTAL" hardness, rather than "CALCIUM" hardness, which is not ideal.)

    We need some more info to be able to give you good advice. Can you please take a minute and fill in our pool chart?
    Pool Chart Entry Form
    Pool Chart Results
    Then, somebody here can give you hand in clearing up your pool!

    Welcome to the Pool Forum!

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    Default Re: Green pool still..after adding lots of shock

    Also, could you let us know what the ingredient was in the "shock" you added to the pool? And...if you get the hth 6-way kit that Watermom described above, when you're testing your fill water, skip the CYA. It will be zero in your fill water--but we need to know what the level is in your pool water. The kit only has enough reagent for 2-3 tests.


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