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Thread: loose u style divingboard stand

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    Default loose u style divingboard stand

    I have a older pool with a U style stand for the diving board. The problem is one of the rear mounting points has come loose. Is there a aftermarket clamp that is made that clamps around the bar and mounts to the concrete? Or is there another method that is known in the industry? thanks

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    Default Re: loose u style divingboard stand

    Sorry, no way am I going to get into offering suggestions for non-standard repairs to a diving board or stand.

    Diving board injuries are rather uncommon, but they've become the rainbow with the pot of gold at the end, for personal injury parasites -- excuse me, I meant "attorneys" -- and there have been some extremely successful lawsuits that made turned ambulance chasers into wealthy men of leisure.

    If you search Google for "swimming pool diving board dangers", 1/4 to 1/2 of the links in the first 5 pages of results will be for personal injury maggots -- pardon me, I meant "law school graduates". Check it for your self: Google Search

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