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    New to the forum with a new inground Gunite Florida pool just weeks old. I've just received my Taylor 2006 C kit and hope to test tomorrow if it ever stops raining! I do have some concerns regarding the PH test as I'm color blind. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive , accurate, digital PH meter?


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    Welcome to the Pool Forum! I'm not familiar with the digital pH meters because I've never had a reason to use them. They have been discussed a handful of times on the forum. Maybe if you do a search, you can find some information. Use the Google Search in my signature below rather than the search feature which is built into the forum software. Until your registration is complete, you'll have to log out to be able to see the search results, however. Also, when PoolDoc sees your post, maybe he might have some suggestions for you.

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    Hi Rich;

    Sorry it's taken so long to get a reply. I've had a bunch of things I've had to work on.

    Please take a look at this page:
    How to Tell if I Need a pH Meter
    It includes color blindness charts, so you can see if you have significant color loss. If you do, a very good meter from Amazon is linked in the 2nd post.

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