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Thread: Polaris 9300 Sport

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    Default Polaris 9300 Sport

    Anyone with personal experience? I know I do not want anything else sucked into my plumbing that does not have to be and has me seriously considering a robot.

    After having a navigator for 3.5 years, my ball valves have gotten more and more difficult to operate. 3 have broken. 1 replaced already and while I replaced it, I noticed just how etched it was from grime, dirt, etc...

    Which leads me to... no more vacuming that sucks mulch, leaves, rocks, etc through the lines... Avoid as much as possible.

    The 9300 sport is appealing for the price point of 795 plus 100 in rebates... But how do they perform.

    Thanks folks

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    Default Re: Polaris 9300 Sport

    My brother got one last year, and it worked like a champ for him. He loved the fact that the clean up was really easy, just hose off the cartridge. It cleaned his 16' x 32' vinyl pool pretty fast too. This year, he can't get it to work, won't turn on, he hasn't called tech support yet, but I'm sure they'll stand behind their product. I have an aquabot turbo rc, which is in it's 11th season. Other than replacing the drive belts a couple of times, and one of the rollers, it has been very effective and trouble free. Cleaning the filter bag is a bit of a dirty job, but it goes fast. If I recall correctly , it was about $800, in 2002. Good luck! I'm a big fan of the robotic cleaners.

    20'x42' L' 41K gal IG vinyl pool; trichlor feeder, bleach; Pentair 420 cartridge filter; Pentair Whisperflo 1.5hp 2 speed pump; hrs; TF-100, CYA test; city;PF:2.9

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    Default Re: Polaris 9300 Sport

    I have had the regular 9300 for 2 years now and it works great. It picks ups the trash and debris off the bottom and agitates the sides removing any alge or loose scale. The weakness is the junk basket. If I forget to clean it often, the mesh tears away from the frame. The pump just wants to suck more junk in. It is my fault for not cleaning it out more often. Recommendation: Get one. I do wish Polaris would build a solar cell adaptor power unit.

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