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Thread: Vacuum Suggestions for AGP

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    Default Vacuum Suggestions for AGP

    Any suggestions on a vacuum that is not automatic for an above ground pool? I have 27' and current vacuum head is a cheap $20.


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    Default Re: Vacuum Suggestions for AGP

    I'm assuming you already have a pole, and vac hose?

    The Rainbow ProVac is what I've used for years. We have a big one at the country club pool we service. They are very fast and effective, with adequate suction, but are expensive and some folk take a little while to learn to 'steer' them:
    Pentair ProVac page
    Rainbow R201276 ProVac Commercial Vacuum Head 14" @ Amazon
    However, many people prefer a combo brush & vacuum like this:
    Pentair Vinyl Vac page
    RB triangle vac @ Amazon

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