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Thread: Lost Parts

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    Default Lost Parts

    I have a Taylor K-2006 test kit. I lost the caps for my comparator. I am getting tired of using my palm to close off the test comparator when shaking to mix for the pH reading. I have resigned myself to knowing that I will most likely have to purchase a new comparator in order to get the caps. That is OK since my comparator is getting a little rough. However, I need a website where I can find the same type of comparator that I now have. It only shows the pH color scale and the scale for discerning cyanuric acid ppm.

    Does anyone have a good site for me to get these parts without the purchase of a new kit? I have tried Amazon and they don't seem to have this type of comparator.

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    You can buy the comparator (with caps) from Taylor here: http://www.taylortechnologies.com/pr...entPartID=2024 or on various amazon resellers here: http://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Co...6342301&sr=8-1

    Either way, it's around 10 bucks plus shipping.

    It's Taylor part# 9058
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