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Thread: saving on reagent for chlorine testing

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    Default saving on reagent for chlorine testing

    I've been using my k2006 to get my pool in order this year and since I have a lot of chlorine testing early in the process, I could see I'd run out of the solutions quick. So, I measured out 5ml in the test vial and put a mark on the side for it. This allows me to use about a half a scoop of powder, then each drop to neutralize the color equals 1ppm chlorine. I'm running my Cl at around 20ppm for now and it makes for saving a lot of reagent for testing twice daily. I double checked against the 10 ml testing and it seems to correlate well. I'm not sure it would be as accurate at lower chlorine levels but for the levels I'm at now, it's working well.
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    Default Re: saving on reagent for chlorine testing

    Good idea and thanks for sharing!

    I'd like to add another tip for saving reagents from a K-2006 to make them last longer. For normal every day testing of chlorine and pH, use a cheap OTO/Phenol red kit (yellow and red drops) and just use the K-2006 every week or so. Of course, if you are fighting algae or have a high CYA pool and need to run high chlorine levels, you need to use the DPD powder since an OTO kit won't register high enough.

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