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Thread: intex pump part?

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    Default intex pump part?

    I have a intex 1500 gph pump.I think its model 635.The cover on the outlet side is leaking.the plate is warped and leaking around o ring.anyone know where I can buy just the plate?or anyone have a old pump they are willing to let go of?if anyone has one please email me benhiers54@gmail.com
    here is a pic of the cover

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    Default Re: intex pump part?

    I see some other posts on the internet of people complaining they can't get parts for that pump. Fortunately, it's really cheap to replace. http://www.amazon.com/Intex-Filter-K.../dp/B003TXKQCM
    rectangle 11.5K gal IG concrete pool;; 125sf cartridge filter; 2hp 1 speed pump; K-2006, k-1766; PF:10

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