Hello -
I have a 16000 gallon pool and attached spa. They share a pump and filter. It is a cartridge filter system by Hayward. I believe the pool was installed by Leslie Pools based on the user manual given by the previous owner.

The pop up cleaners say Jet-Clean on them. 6 weeks ago one stopped working properly due to a bad gasket. I replaced that gasket today. (I also replaced all four filter cartridges today). Now only the 6 pop up cleaners in the shallow end are working. The deep end cleaners aren't in the rotation anymore. All 6 are on at the same time and the deep end won't turn on.

There is no diverter system on the pool. So I'm not at all sure how they know when to pop up at all. The plumbing runs from pool/spa into the pump. Then to filter. Then to the heater. Then into the ground and back to the pool. Very simple to follow and no diverter. Before this one wasn't working all the pop ups went in sequence to clean the pool.

Thanks for any help you can offer.