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Thread: Thanks for this great forum!

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    motomom Guest

    Smile Thanks for this great forum!

    My first post here.

    I found your forum looking for help and advice on battling a serious mustard algae bloom in my pool. We just bought the house last November, and it had a vinyl in-ground pool that I knew nothing about. I've been getting advice from friends and a local pool company on how to keep it clean, and obviously all that advice was lacking.

    3 days ago I started on the BBB method, and 25 gallons of bleach later (added over time, of course) my pool is beginning to look prettier than it ever has, thanks to this great forum. Obviously I just wasn't using enough chlorine for my CYA levels considering our high temps this summer. And, I thought it was silt that my filter wasn't filtering. I ALMOST wasted the dough to buy a new DE filter, but after reading this forum, I simply added a 1/2 cup of DE to my present sand filter and it has worked like a charm.

    So, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have saved me an absolute bundle of money and my pool looks beautiful and inviting. I just had to get registered so that I could tell you how much I appreciate you.

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