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Thread: Do I really need to vacuum?

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    Default Do I really need to vacuum?

    So in my new in-ground plaster pool, we weren't allowed to vacuum the pool so the plaster had time to cure. We went on our summer vacation and, five weeks after the pool was filled, I ordered a Zodiac G3 automatic vacuum.

    I don't like the idea of having a vacuum in the water all the time, so I've only set-up and used the vacuum about three times now. It seems to work okay, I guess (although it can get stuck on my stair corners sometimes).

    But my pool water is awfully clean even if I don't vacuum. We use a DE filter; it works great! And whatever debris collects on the pool bottom can be easily brushed into the main drain (we have a deep-in-the-middle pool, if that matters).

    So I'm wondering: If I just brush my pool weekly, including the pool floor where I sweep debris towards the main drain (from which the pump sucks water equally between that and the skimmer), is there any reason why I should need to still vacuum my pool? Aside from cleaning debris off the pool floor, is there any othe reason to vacuum a pool? Brushing my pool takes 20-30 minutes to do, but it probably takes me that long to get out the automatic vacuum, test the suction, assemble the hose pieces, monkey with the pump speed, then disassemble everything after I'm done. Not to mention, I have to oversee the G3 because it does occasionally get stuck on my stair corners!

    Your thoughts?
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    Default Re: Do I really need to vacuum?

    If the pool doesn't have debris on the bottom, why vacuum??

    However, brushing at least once a week is a good idea. Either the brush or the vacuum will stir up the 'low circulation' areas where algae can take hold
    Luv & Luk, Ted

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