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Thread: Ground Wasps

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    Hi pool owners! This year I am in a house I bought with an ingound pool of which I have had repairs done. I've lots of questions, but for this first time post, I'd like to start with bugs. I have a ground wasp problem. The problem is compounded because we have pavers, rather than a concrete deck. Between the pavers grow anything between moss, grass, weeds, and nice ground cover. It's awful. But it's what I've got now. The problem is that I've got ground wasps. Many of them! I've tried solutions that I've found on the web, covering their entry/exit with bubble wrap thereby trapping them into thinking they are "okay" then dying of hunger. Then I've tried a non-chemical solution, pepyrethrin powder sprinkled in their mound holes so they have to get it on their bodies in and out... Problem persists. It's such a large area of pavers, they just fly off a few feet away and dig underground again. Help me?! Please don't tell me the immediate solution is to replace the pavers. That's a long term solution for which I will look at down the road.

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