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Thread: No one has ever heard of my "suspended white particles" in my pool

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    Angry No one has ever heard of my "suspended white particles" in my pool

    I have a pool, from the house we just bought, its about 15000 above ground sand filter.

    Last year, I think i flocked it, and at one point everything settled to the floor (litterly 3 inches of green, dirt, and white particles), (i cant remember exactly how this happened) unfortenely I couldn't vacumm it our pump was broke.

    This year, I have a new hayward pump and shocked the green out of the pool! But nothing settles it, clarifier, additional shock. It doesnt get thru the pump. -to be honest with you, its quite disturbing, its not just one the top, or bubbles that everyone keeps asking me. Its litteraly BILLIONS of suspended white particles that break apart if touched and dont get caught in my filter! Every bit of water has these white particles, there is NOT one space where it doesnt.

    I have ran my filter non stop for over a week and still nothing....

    my ph akal is normal levels, off the top of my head i dont know but it is fine, free chlorine keeps reading 0 and cya 0 and hardiness is fine. please help do i need to drain this pool???

    i cant keep dealing iwth these disgusting suspended floating particles....

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    Default Re: No one has ever heard of my "suspended white particles" in my pool

    Sounds like a mess you have on your hands! This is one reason we do not recommend the use of flocs and clarifiers except in a very few cases.

    Please tell us exactly what all you have added to the pool meaning ingredients and not just product names of just "shock." We also need to know the readings for everything and not just that it is 'normal.'

    Go ahead and shock the pool up to about 12ppm and try and hold it there. Just use plain, household 6% bleach. While the pump is running, slowly add 3 gallons of bleach to the skimmer. Test your pool as many times a day as you can, and each time add enough bleach to get the chlorine back up to 12. For reference, in this pool, each quart of 6% bleach will add 1ppm of cl. No such thing as testing and adding bleach too often when you are trying to clear it up. Also, run the pump 24/7 right now while you are working to clear it.

    Do you have a test kit and if so, what type?

    A couple of things you might try are using a skimmer sock and also adding a little DE to your sand filter. More about that here:


    BTW -- Welcome to the Pool Forum!

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