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Thread: OMG - What a Great Resource!

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    Default OMG - What a Great Resource!

    Just found this forum today, an am truly impressed. Not only with this site, but also it's sister site Pool Solutions.

    Having been in the pool industry now for 11 years, I'm always looking for better ways to do things.

    Hopefully, some of the knowledge I've gained over that time I can share with others, especially when it comes to SWCG and the new variable-speed filter pumps.

    I'm "stoked" (to use an old '60's term) to be here!

    Fresno CA

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    Default Re: OMG - What a Great Resource!

    Welcome to the PoolForum; we're glad you're here.

    Detailed knowledge of particular pieces of pool equipment is always in short supply!

    By the way, I emailed you separately.

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